We Got a Very Exciting and Life Changing Special Delivery!

The Road to getting medical marijuana has been a long and arduous one for my daughter, Bethany, who suffers with uncontrolled seizures and aggressive behavior.

Our journey began 16 years ago when she was just 2 years old.

On one devastating day, our lives changed forever, the instant that Bethany was diagnosed with a very large brain tumor.

But as life threatening as her condition was, it was not the tumor that caused my daughter’s relentless torment.

The culprit was actually the injury she sustained during surgery to remove it.

Uncontrollable seizures and devastating aggressive behavior continue to plague her to this very day.

No doctor or medication has ever been able to help Bethany.

Feeling helpless and hopeless have been my constant condition.

special delivery
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A few years ago, a glimmer of hope appeared in the form of an article on the internet about Charlotte’s Web CBD oil.

The article claimed that this oil, which was made from marijuana but contained no THC, was significantly reducing and/or totally controlling people’s seizures!

Unfortunately, back then, not only was it illegal to possess in NY, where we live, but it was so expensive that we could not have afforded it, anyway.

Eventually though, about a year ago, Charlotte’s Web did become legal and slightly more affordable.

We were finally able to give it a try, only to have our hopes dashed to pieces when it made no difference in Bethany’s quality of life.

Not one to give up that easily, I dug a little deeper and discovered that the THC content in marijuana was also helping stop seizures and reduce aggressive behaviors!!

But, at that time, Marijuana was still out of reach for us here in NY!

However, legalization was on the horizon!

There were bills in the works to get it legalized!

I enthusiastically jumped on the bandwagon and began my own little campaign to gain support for marijuana legalization!

I called my legislators and signed a plethora of petitions and begged everyone I knew to do the same!

All our hard work paid off and marijuana use for medical reasons was finally legalized in NY!

After that it took about a year to convince Bethany’s doctor to prescribe it for her!

And now I am overjoyed to announce that Bethany is currently enrolled in the NYS Medical Marijuana Program!

Her medical marijuana card and my caregiver’s card have just arrived in a special delivery!

I spoke to the medical marijuana pharmacist, who will be speaking to Bethany’s doctor to figure out the best marijuana options for her.

After that,  all we’ll have to do is drive 60 miles to our nearest pot shop and pick up her prescription!!

I am elated and also desperate!

I can’t help but feel as if marijuana is Bethany’s last hope!

My hopes are up super high again!!

Let’s hope that my super high last hopes don’t get dashed to pieces, once again.
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2 Replies to “We Got a Very Exciting and Life Changing Special Delivery!

  1. I feel so sorry for Bethany about her seizures and aggression, but I have my hopes up too. It must have been hard to fight this battle, about which I read on your Facebook too, so I truly hope that marijuana will help. Via Love That Max.

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