What Did Bethany Get for Christmas?

Christmas 2017 has come and gone, but I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you all some of the gifts that Bethany got for Christmas!

Every time we asked Bethany what she wanted for Christmas she would only say, “12 Presents!”

I’m not sure, but I think she got the idea of wanting 12 presents from repeatedly watching the kids sing, The Twelve Days of Christmas” on Barney’s Christmas Special!


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Not wanting to disappoint, Malcolm and I set out on a mission to find the 12 perfect Christmas gifts for Bethany!

Even though Bethany wanted big presents, we knew that some of her gifts would have to be Dollar Tree gifts so as not to break our Christmas budget!

Because of Bethany’s special needs, even though she is 19, she prefers games, toys and movies that are geared more for preschoolers!

We’ve pretty much exhausted the options available at our local Walmart and Toy’s R Us, so these days we do most of our gift shopping for her online!

However, we did find manage to find the Flipazoo mini Dottie Lady Bug/ Buzzy Bee, Flipazoo Blind Bag, Christmas Carousel, and the Christmas Sock Monkey all at Walmart!!

We found the crazy Gas Out Game at Kmart and knew instantly that it would be a big hit with Bethany!

We did have to modify the rules a bit to make it easier for her to play.

Basically, we just take turns picking a number card and squeezing the little fart cloud as many times as the card says!

We don’t play it competitively because that would take the fun out of it for Bethany!

She enjoys it enough just hearing the thing fart!!

A quick search on Amazon brought me the Thumb’s Up Game, Pancake Pile-Up and the adorable Woolly Bear T-shirt.

Thumbs Up and Pancake Pile-Up are both match the pattern race games!

In Thumbs Up, players choose a card showing numbered colors, then race to be the first to place the correct color rings in the correct order on their thumbs!

Pancake Pile-Up is similar to Thumbs Up in that players pick a card showing different types of pancakes in a pile.

Players race to be the first one to correctly pile up their pancakes using a cute, little plastic spatula!

Bethany also got Gravity Maze and a Self Inflating Whoopie Cushion from her brothers and sister-in-law!

Playing Gravity Maze the correct way proved to be too frustrating and challenging for me, let alone Bethany!

Normally, players pick a card showing what maze parts to use to build their maze.

Then they have to figure out where to correctly place their maze pieces to make the maze work.

But I have had to modify the rules by letting Bethany (and me) see the solution side of the card so we know exactly where to place our pieces!

Modifying how we play has made this more difficult game doable and enjoyable for both of us!

Between the 12 presents that Malcolm and I got for her and all the gifts that others gave her, Bethany actually got a lot more than 12 presents for Christmas 2017!

We are having lots of fun playing and figuring out her new games and activities!

What did your kids get for Christmas?

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