Wikki Stix for Occupational Therapy Fun!

Bethany has enjoyed playing and learning with Wikki Stix ever since her first occupational therapist suggested we get her a set 18 years ago!

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For those of you that may not know what Wikki Stix  are, they creative, colorful, non-toxic pieces of yarn covered in a waxy, non-sticky coating.  

For us, Wikki Stix have stood the test of time as being one of Bethany’s favorite activities and as being a sturdy, durable and indestructible purchase well worth our modest investment!

Wikki Stix are perfect for working on Occupational therapy goals!

Bethany’s goals at this time are to:

  • Strengthen her left arm, hand, and fingers.
  • Encourage her to reach her arm and hand across mid-line. This is the imaginary line that starts at the top of your head and travels down the middle of your body, dividing it in half. Reaching your arm, hands, (and even feet) across this imaginary line means that both sides of your brain are working well together.  A person needs to be able to spontaneously cross the mid-line in order to use both hands (and feet) together effectively.

If you think Wikki Stix might be a good fit for your child, then I urge you to check out these durable, creative, no-mess, non-toxic, sets for tons of fun, creative learning activities sensory integration and tactile experiences!

  • Bethany is working with the Basic Shapes set in the video below. This tactile learning activity helps develop fine motor skills, plus it encourages good eye-hand coordination! Children will learn about shapes as they connect-the-dots using Wikki Stix. This set features ten, durable, laminated shape cards, 72 Wikki Stix, 2 work boards, and a large full color fold out instruction sheet.
  • The Alphabet Set contains 26 individual alphabet cards plus 36 Wikki Stix. Each letter card has directional arrows that will help guide your child in creating the proper handwriting “strokes” making for a perfectly fun pre-writing activity!
  • The Numbers and Counting Set will get your child working on developing  fine motor skills as well as learning about counting. Kids will have so much fun with this set that they won’t even realize they are learning!
  • The Wikki Stix Multi Sensory Resource Set  provides a perfect tactile and sensory experience for children. This set is great for  visually impaired individuals just like Bethany, who is blind on the right sides of both of her eyes. It also provides lots of creative kinesthetic learning, which makes it just the right choice when working with autistic individuals!  This set contains: 6 activity cards, 144 colored wikki stix, a resource manual, and a grid board, all included in a zip-up bonus bag. Not made for children under the age of 3 years old.
  • The Wikki Stix Traveler Play Set is perfect for taking along on your family vacation!  Your child will work on their therapy goals as well as their fine motor skills. They’ll also explore their feelings, make critters and creatures, make a Wikkidoodle, create funny faces, make 3-D creations, play travel games, spin and create in the Do-Wikki Game, decorate cans and bags, and design cards. This travel kit includes: 96 Wikki Stix Creatables Wooden shapes Feathers Pompoms 4 blank faces 2 greeting cards Do-Wikki Game Wikkidoodle sheets Travel Fun Book of ideas plus project sheet Colorful fish and a butterfly to decorate , and it all comes  in a convenient, sturdy carrying case!

For more information about crossing the mid-line and other occupational therapy concerns, ideas, and activities please visit OT Mom Learning Activities
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