Winter Walk Through Animal Adventure Park

Some of you may remember that last August, Rebekah and Rachel joined us for an amazing Visit to Animal Adventure Park!

We were on a mission to feed April the Giraffe!

All of us, including Bethany, thoroughly enjoyed every minute we spent interacting with the animals there!

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So when Bethany recently began telling me that she wanted to feed the giraffes and donkeys again, I had no problem with taking her back to the zoo!

However, I wasn’t very hopeful it would be open in winter.

Just in case, on the off chance that it might be, I decided to check their website.

Imagine my delight when I saw that Animal Adventure Park has special Candy Land or Frozen events almost every weekend in December!

I then checked the weather forecast and saw that it would be sunny and relatively warm (47 degrees) the first Sunday of December!

That was all the information I needed to set a plan in motion!

Although, I did not reveal any of this information to Bethany just in case something went wrong with my plan!

Changing plans due to unexpected disappointments like sudden bad weather or someone waking up sick can devastate her.

Sunday, December third dawned warm and sunny just as expected and no one was sick!

So off we went for a winter walk through Candy Land at Animal Adventure Park!

Bethany was very upbeat and excited all the way there!

Upon arrival, Bethany had only one thing on her mind… feeding the giraffes!

Yet, she did enjoy feeding some goats, donkeys and camels also, as we made our way through the zoo, over to the giraffe barn!

Disaster struck when we arrived at our destination, though, because the giraffe barn was closed and locked up tight!

Upon this unfortunate discovery, Bethany clearly began shutting down.

She quickly became upset and agitated.

This was, after all, an unexpected disappointment and true to form she reacted negatively.

She immediately wanted to go home!

She still insisted upon leaving, even after we found the giraffes outside near their new observation deck surrounded by a little crowd of admirers!

Unfortunately, as is often the case, after experiencing an unexpected change in plans or disappointment, Bethany could not just recuperate and switch gears back to being happy.

Try as hard as we might, we could not persuade her to go anywhere near the giraffes after that and our persuasion tactics were only serving to increase her anxiety.

So we all headed back to the car, feeling disappointed and deflated!

Although Bethany has been doing better at recuperating from instances like this one, she seems to have regressed a little in this area since she was diagnosed with Lyme disease

I wish so much that she would stop letting disappoinments sabotage her own happiness and experiences!

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