YouTuber Meet Up With Our Mystery Guest!

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Last Sunday we had the honor and privilege of having a YouTuber meet up with one of our dear YouTube friends, Val, from The Neighbors!

I was so excited when she messaged me to let me know she’d be in our neck of the woods and asked if I wanted to have a little YouTuber meet up with her!

YouTuber Meet up!
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I never dreamed I’d ever really have the chance to meet Val in person, because she lives on the west coast and I live on the east coast and traveling is not that easy for either of us!

So of course I jumped at the chance to get together with her!

Since Bethany is really the star of my YouTube channel, I knew Val would be hoping to meet her, too!

But on the morning of the big day, Bethany woke up very confrontational, aggressive, and uncooperative.

To say that I was disappointed is a huge understatement.

I’m glad we had scheduled for Bethany’s trusty assistant to help out just in case she refused to go with us or in the event that she did come and wanted to go home before Malcolm and I were ready to!

As it turned out Bethany refused to get ready to go to our YouTube meet up on time, so Malcolm and I had to leave without her.

I was heartbroken.

I so very much wanted Val to meet the happy and charming Bethany that she knows and loves and sees in our videos!

When Malcolm and I finally arrived at our Youtube meet up destination spot, Val wasn’t there yet!

I was delighted when Kristin arrived with Bethany in tow just a few minutes after we did!

But where was Val?

Shortly after Beth and Kristin arrived, Val called to say she was a little bit lost!

Not to worry though, because from her description of her surroundings, we knew exactly where she was and we found her quite quickly!

I must say that meeting Val in person for the very first time was one of the happiest and most exciting moments of my life!

Bethany decided she didn’t want to ride in Kristin’s car anymore and she wanted to get Tacos!

Wanting to eat something didn’t surprise us in the least, because it was already 2:30 pm and up to that point she had refused to eat anything at all!

Kristin decided she might as well go home, because there wasn’t really anything else for her to do.

So Malcolm took Bethany to get her Tacos and when they returned she had reverted back into her usual happy, charming, and sweet little self once again!

She must have been hangry or maybe the Charlotte’s Web oil I had given her before we left the house had kicked in or both!

Whatever the reason, Bethany was able to pull herself together and turn her crappy into happy!

And because of that, she ended up being able to experience a wonderful YouTuber meet up!

And because Bethany was happy, the rest of us were able to enjoy our very precious and all too short time together, too!!

Our YouTuber meet up was an overwhelming success!

It was so awesome meeting you, Val!

We’ll see you on YouTube until we meet again!

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